Updated: FRSC Salary Structure, Ranks and Monthly Welfare Packages

Have you recently applied for the FRSC recruitment 2018 and now you want to know about the FRSC salary structure and how much each officer in the federal road safety corp receives as his/her monthly FRSC salary, in this guide we will show you the basic FRSC salary structure based on the various ranks and also salary based n your qualification and degree.
Firstly let me point out the that the Federal Road Safety Corps is one of the few Federal government Jobs where th welfare of its staffs is of grate importance.
Federal Road Safety Corps as you know is responsible for maintaining safety on our road by checking every vehicle road worthiness and also ensuring that drivers plying our road have the basic licence to drive in Nigeria.
The work of the Federal Road Safety Corps is indeed a very important one and as such they deserved to be among the high paying jobs in nigeria.

In 2007 after the review of the FRSC salary, a report stated that the corp members salary of FRSC officers was raised under a new salary structure known as Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).
To that effect here the updated salary scale of various ranks held in the FRSC . Federal Road Safety Corps pays officers according to their ranks and levels just as it is done in the Nigerian armed forces and police.

Updated basic annual salaries in the FRSC:

  1. Chief Inspector (CI) 1,405,449 Naira
  2. Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) 1,325,234 Naira
  3. Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) 1,252,038 Naira
  4. Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) 1,143,539 Naira
  5. Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) 1,058,416 Naira
  6. Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) 777,876 Naira
  7. Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) 548,387 Naira
  8. Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) 393,442 Naira
  9. Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) 966,761 Naira
  10. Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) 539,048 Naira

While this figure represents the annual FRSC salary there are how every many factors that determin the net salary of every corp member and that where the  FRSC ranks and qualification with which you where recruited with come into play. You don’t expect FRSC graduates and Non graduates to earn the same salary or to be on the same level or rank.

FRSC officers who where recruited into the service with a Secondary School SSCE Certificate get a starting monthly salary of about 40,000 Naira; while graduates recruits are paid a starting salary of  100,000 Naira and above while high ranking officers earn from 250,000 Naira and above monthly. Officers also enjoy rent, uniform and so on benefits.

Below is a table showing the FRSC Qualifications and Rank Structure for Entry Level.

Qualification – Grade Level – Basic Salary Range per annum(Naira)

SSCE (RMA-III) – 3 – 298,506 – 330,231

OND (MI-III) – 5 – 329,853 – 374,259

HND (MI-I) – 7 – 483,014 – 567,065

BSC (ARC) – 8 – 888,956 – 988,991

The above salaries are basic net salaries; meaning that the figures were arrived at after all necessary annual deductions have been made.

FRSC Ranks

The ranking system is divided into Commissioned and Non-Commissioned officers.

a. ARC Assistant Route Commander (Entry Point)

b. DRC Deputy Route Commander

c. RC Route Commander

d. SRC Superintendent Route Commander

e. CRC Chief Route Commander

f. ACC Assistant Corps Commander

g. DCC Deputy Corps Commander

h. CC Corps Commander

i. ACM Assistant Corps Marshal

j. DCM Deputy Corps Marshal

k. CM Corps Marshal

FRSC Marshals Ranks/Structure

Junior Marshals:

a. RMA III Road Marshal Assistant III (Entry Point)

b.  RMA II Road Marshal Assistant II

c.  RMA I Road Marshal  Assistant I

Senior Marshals:

a. SRMA Senior Road Marshal Assistant

b. DCRMA Deputy Chief Road Marshal Assistant

c. CRMA Chief Road Marshal Assistant

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs):

a. MI-III Marshal Inspector III

b. MI-II Marshal Inspector II

c. MI-I Marshal Inspector I

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs)

a. SMI Senior Marshal Inspector

b. PMI Principal Marshal Inspector

c. ACI Assistant Chief Inspector

d. DCI Deputy Chief Inspector

e. CI Chief Inspector

FRSC Recruitment

FRSC Recruitment into the FRSC is a yearly exercise which is sometimes advertised on the pages of National Newspapers and popular online news media outlets.


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